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Hi all,

I’m attempting to route a speaker wire behind my drywall, up to a side surround speaker that is mounted the wall above. I’m trying to drill a hole within an inch above my trim, where I’ll route the cable up through the dry wall and into the back of the speaker mount.

The problem I’m facing though, is I’m hitting solid wood, even 3 to 4″ in. Is it normal for drywall to have solid wood above the trim all the way around the room? I don’t want to drill any higher because then it defeats the point of what I was trying to accomplish.


Not sure how I can penetrate this piece of wood AND somehow route the cable effectively through here. It’s also an external wall so its full of insulation.

EDIT: I should’ve mentioned. This is not a vertical stud. This horizontal run of wood seems to go around the entire trim.

Pic: RIP 🙁

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