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I just had a really terrible experience with a handyman that ended in this hole in my ceiling:

Super long story short, things got heated and they wont be returning to finish this repair. A drywall company quoted me almost $400 to clean it up but i’m not familiar enough with drywall work to know if that is reasonable.

Should I get a professional to fix this? I do a good amount of DIY/house things myself so I’m wondering if this fix is within my realm or if I really need a professional fix. I’m considering buying one of those drywall sanders I hook up to my shop vac and just working on it, slowly and gently, until i get it as flush as possible. Fortunately this is in my rec room, not living room, so it doesnt have to be absolutely invisible.

Thanks for any and all advice

Edit: thanks for all the conversation guys, even the arguing is honestly helpful to me. The best part of this whole ordeal is that the drywall patch wasn’t even done by the initial handyman. I paid a ‘company’ to run some ethernet cables through my house and their guy accidentally stepped through my ceiling. The next day they brought another guy who supposedly fixes drywall for them regularly. This was just his initial patch, yes, but it looks so awful and I was honestly in shock at what was happening to my house. Everything they touched got worse and this was a three hour job that was taking almost two full days so I basically told them to just gtfo. I can (kind of) laugh about it now but tbh it was incredibly stressful for me 🤦‍♂️.

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