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Hi Redditors.

My knowledge of outdoor/patio/landscape repairs is right around zero so I’m hoping to get your help with the proper terminology for some of the products that I will need to fix the following:

Walked out in the spring, stepped on some patio stones in the back yard and they sunk beneath my feet. Pulled a couple up and noticed that something dug from under the deck to under the stones, chewed away at the fabric that was there, the rocks underneath fell away into the burrow hole and the stones sunk.

My main two questions are:

  1. what kind of stone do I need to buy to replenish what’s missing? Do I just search up “gravel” or something more specific?

  2. Do I have to pull up more of the stones to lay down new fabric? Can I just cover the part that has sunk with new fabric and “gravel”?


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