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I am installing two floating bedside shelves. They are very solid wood construction (not MDF) and need to be fairly sturdy so kids don’t pull them down. They have keyhole hangers on the back about 12” apart. How would you attach them? A couple ideas:

  1. Cut a big strip of drywall, install 2×4” backer between two studs so I can hang directly onto the backer. I don’t like this because the drywall will show the poor patch job I’m capable of

  2. Cut a small strip of drywall that will be hidden by shelf, about 3-4” on each side of stud. Add a small backer block on each side of stud. Screw directly through shelf back into stud + left and right backer blocks (6 screws each). Won’t have as much support at the ends hbut might look better.

  3. Other ideas???

Thank you!

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