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I am getting ready to do a kerdi tub surround and was looking for advice on the following dilemma.

As you can see, the door opens into the tub, and I just now realized that when I put the tub in, there is going to be about 1.5-2″ strip of nothing between the tub and wall – my fiberglass insert had a similar strip where some drywall was.

Originally I was running a rondec bullnose next to the door frame, and running white subway tile into that on that wall. That would work fine…above the height of the tub.

I don’t know what to do with the 20″ or so to the floor where there will be the 1.5-2″ gap. Little slivers of subway tile will probably not look good and I’m not sure you can even install a strip of kerdi vertically like that. Am I better off just replacing the 2″ drywall strip?

Another question…about how far off the ledge of a tub do sliding glass doors install? I am asking because I want to add stud framing for that, I just don’t know how close to the outside edge of the tub the doors are installed (and I can’t seem to find it).


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