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I heard this was an easy project so I decided to look into it. Our Bradford White water heater is 4 years old. First, is this too new to replace the anode rod? The anode rod is in the same position as the hot water hook up, so I first have to remove the cooper pipe attached to it. Problem is, the pipe is screwed into both the anode rod and an adaptor connecting it to PEX. Can I simply just force-unscrew the copper pipe from these two joints or do I need to cut it? The videos I’ve seen there’s supposed do be a nut I can unscrew, but the two joints on either end of the cooper pipe are crimped to it, so I can’t unscrew the nuts without unscrewing the entire pipe from two locations. Does this make sense? I attached pictures. Thanks for any help

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

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