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Hi, so my wife and I planned a whiteboard wall as part of our home construction and I am just getting around to addressing it now. Before I go further, here is a picture for context: pic

Things to note:

  • The wavy coverings over the wall are just temporary cling sheets mainly to just protect the wall

  • The wall within the frame is not textured unlike the rest of the wall but it does have a layer of primer and regular white paint

  • The size of the area within the frame is 6′ wide by 7.5′ high

  • I have a light switch and outlet in the whiteboard area (I am not looking to get rid of them or move them)

So, given the above I have been planning on using a whiteboard paint like I have had in a few offices but I need help on:

  1. What products have people used along with results and gotchas?

  2. What other solutions might be appropriate other than whiteboard paint? Most surface panels don’t come in the size I need and I really don’t want a seam in the surface and that will drive me nuts.

I have had a bear of a time trying to find objective advice on the topic as some people swear by product A while other folks will say it’s terrible so not sure on how to approach this problem.

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