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Hello… hoping someone can help me out with this. My fiance and I have a spare bedroom and we can’t fully agree on what to do with it.

The biggest point of contention is whether or not to put a TV in it. I suggested we hide the TV behind something so that way if you want to “disconnect” you can easily not be distracted by the TV.

After doing some searching I found this awesome idea of putting the TV behind a painting or picture of some point. Though I’ve seen many different iterations of the idea, this particular one was my favorite.

The picture in front appears to be on a track of some sort and has foldable panels. A picture is here.

I’d love to customize this and make that panel a picture of my fiance and I. However, this seems to have been some sort of a DIY product, and I can’t seem to find this solution as a commercially available product. (This picture above comes from this article) But my question is, am I missing something? Is something like this commercially available for me to easily customize and purchase? Or does anyone have a similar idea?

My fiance and I aren’t really talented enough to take this on as a DIY project so if anyone knows a commercially available solution, it’d be greatly appreciated. If it means anything, I’m based in New York City.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

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