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Hi everyone,

First post on here. Last summer me and my girlfriend bought a house built in 1799.

It’s got some great old features, and we’re working on bringing some of the undesirable ones back to life. For some background, our house is a 2600sq. ft. Federalist style brick house, with a large addition on the back and an attached garage. The main brick building has an attic, and the addition has its own separated attic. It’s a very bizarre shape, but the layout works pretty nicely. It’s 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

This past week we had central air installed with duct work. We opted to install the unit in the attic and come down through closets to the first floor (all bedrooms are on second floor) to avoid doing 2 separate units. We didn’t want mini splits as I felt the indoor condenser would ruin the 200 year old aesthetic.

On to my actual problem. In order to cool the addition, a duct was dropped down into one of the small bedrooms from the attic, through the exterior brick wall into the separated attic of the addition, and through that attic floor to reach the addition. I know, kinda weird, but it works.

That bedroom is very tiny, maybe about 8×10 at best, and so it’s primarily used as my girlfriends walk in closet rather than an actual bedroom. This is what the vent looks like.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I knew what I signed up for when I allowed them to drop this vent in, I just hadn’t figured out how I’m going to hide it. They won’t be boxing anything in since I’m more than capable of doing that myself once lumber prices come down and I’ve decided how I’ll do it. So, Reddit, what would you suggest to cover up this vent?

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