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I am looking to help with the drainage around this house. The house is on a hill, near the top/road. Between the driveway and house is a bit of green space. There is a slight grade away from the house now, but I was told it was not enough. This is supported by minor seepage in the crawlspace along the front of the house (driveway side). I was instructed to dig a small ditch about 4 ft away from the house, then angle that away from the house (past the sides of the house).

Is that the easiest/best solution? Would I need to add a french drain or a product like EZ-Drain?

Should I coat the interior front wall with waterproof paint to help with this issue?

What are some suggestions to help with the erosion along the back of house. It seems to be from rain coming off roof/deck and flowing down hill. I have not noticed any new large portions of erosion so it appears this is just from the past 10 years or so.

Is there some heavy shad plants I could put under to help with it? Or add gravel?

Some pics to help give an idea of what I am dealing with






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