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I need a 7″ raised base for a hot tub (so top of hot tub will be level with a raised deck), I’m removing the railing section.

Hot Tub is 81″x81″x34″

12×12′ Deck (2×6 framing, 5/4×6 deck boards) would be $715 in materials. Downside is it wouldn’t match already stained (unknown color) deck and the relatively small amount of space the spa doesn’t cover is not too useful, already have a large 24×16″ raised deck.

8×8′ version would be $358 in materials. Downside is not useable space on deck, upside it big enough to support any future hot tubs, etc

8x8x12 Concrete blocks, along with building a 2×6 facia flush to hot tub would be $146 in materials

I can’t think of a reason to not just put on blocks, other than it appears to be non-standard installation method.

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