House addition has vaulted/sloped roof and in summer afternoons it gets HOT. Any solutions? : HomeImprovement

Like the title says, our house had an addition added several years before we bought it. The addition is on the west side of the house, and is largely windows (which are double-pane and have some sort of tint/reflective coating).

The problem seems to be the vaulted ceiling and the roof. The roof is a simple sloped roof with brown shingles. In the summer sun, you can feel heat radiating downward and the room becomes unbearably hot. Even if the rest of the house is cool, it could be 10 degrees warmer in there on hotter days.

When looking from the outside, there is a continuous soffit vent under the eave. On the top of the roof part of the addition, there are 2 static roof vents.

I’m not sure if the issue is inadequate ventilation, or inadequate insulation? The poor HVAC setup may also be part of the issue, but less so. In the winter, the floor is extremely cold (and the 2 HVAC ducts that supply the room run between the studs in the vented crawlspace).

Would appreciate any ideas for making this room more comfortable.

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