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So, my garage gets about a 1/8th inch of water in it, up to the house entry door, everytime it rains a decent amount. At first, I thought the cause was the garage door seal, because the seal had a hole in it and was old. I also noticed that there was around a half inch gap between where the seal had to end, because of the door track, and the cement next to the garage door.

I tried replacing the seal but it wouldn’t slide in properly, so I bought what seems to be a thinner “T” since my track is thin. I will also fill that gap with polyurethane expanding foam, which I was told would expand to fill the weird gap once the new seal was in place. Until that comes, I put a round foam pipe insulation (think pool noodle) that fits perfectly under the door. I can also slide this through that gap, and I cannot see outside light when looking at the door from the inside. While that has stopped the water filling all the way, since it’s not a perfect seal, water does still come in about 3 or 4 feet on one side. I am also going to replace the bottom door seal lip with something taller, about an inch or inch and a half lip.

However, I also noticed a hole in the concrete that is next to the outside siding, on both sides of the garage, i.e. next to the door and the outside wall. It looks like water fills the muddy grass strip area on the right outside wall (facing the garage) and moves through this gap. The water then pools right next to the garage door, allowing it to seep inside, since the door seal isn’t absolutely airtight. I tried dam-ing the holes a bit, with scaps of random shit I had on hand, which you will see in the pictures. But everytime I try to drain that grass strip it refills with water and everytime I use a push broom to push out the pooling water in front of the door, it also refills. I think it is because of these holes in the concrete. There seems to be dirt inside this gap, but it is hard to tell because it has been raining for days now.

Are these supposed to be there? It doesn’t seem like it shouldn’t be there and is just shoddy work when the house was renovated. I am considering patching the holes on both sides of the garage door with hydrolic cement so the water from the grass patch can’t come through and sit in front of the door. Should I patch the grass side too? Is this some sort of drainage thing I am unaware of?

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