House was remodeled over old roof but no access was created from the old attic to the new attic so I need to create one. Who would I call to do this assuming it can be done? : HomeImprovement

Pictures. I am in California

The house was remodeled but the previous roof was kept intact. The new roof was built around it with extra space.

That means when I go up into the attic, it reflects the attic as if the old roof was in place. Meaning the attic created by the part of the new roof is not accessible. So a few cutouts need to be made through the wood pictured to access the new attic.

I am assuming this is structurally safe and feasible to do first of all since I am not cutting through anything vital. So who would I call to get this done? Roofer, carpenter, any ordinary handyman, etc?

EDIT: Here is a drawing of the situation. Old house vs new house, green is accessible attic area and red is inaccessible.

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