How bad did my tile guy screw up? : HomeImprovement

Paid half up front. Not happy with the work. Stopped the job. It hasn’t been grouted. Looking for some feedback and where to go from here. Do I get same guy who screwed up to fix his mistakes? Fire and hire someone new? How do I estimate what I owe or he owes me back for work completed?



Update 1: So thanks for everyone who confirmed my thoughts on this. It’s bad, especially on the details.

So how do I proceed from here? Obviously we aren’t getting any more work done by this so called “Construction Pro”. I have paid him $1500 and provided all of the tile. He paid for backerboard, waterproof membrane, and the glue and thinset. Nothing has been grouted or caulked. This did not include any demo, only install.

I am a first time homeowner and just wanted a decent bathroom for my kids.

How do I go about getting my money back from him? I don’t want to be tangled up in court for months. I’m certainly not giving him any of the second half of the lump payment. Please help.

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