How difficult is it to move a water supply line for a bathroom sink? DIYable, or definitely a job for a pro? : HomeImprovement

Our sink / vanity is currently perpendicular to our toilet – it’s a goofy layout.

I’d like to move the sink to be next to our toilet. The waste water / drain line is already on that wall – exits the side of the vanity, but the supply line is on the current wall, a couple feet toward the center of the room.

The wall the vanity is currently on is kind of a half-wall, that extends into the center of the room 6-8inches from the exterior wall where the window is. I’m hoping this will work to my advantage in moving the water supply line over.

All this being said – is this something that is relatively easy to do? Or something I should definitely be hiring a licensed plumber / contractor / professional of some sort for?

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