How difficult would it be to “make” (?) a basement/room? : HomeImprovement

So there is this space left in my house that wasn’t, well, built. This isn’t it, but it looks a lot like this.

It is right next to the garage, but it’s separated by a wall. One can only enter the space through a small window-like opening through the backyard. Obviously a door or two (one to enter through the garage and another through the backyard) would be needed. How difficult would it be to convert this into a proper room? It doesn’t need to be fancy. We would use the room to store things or exercise room or whatever. Not really a bedroom per se, just a room. I think it’s just a matter laying down some concrete for the floor, adding the walls, doing electrical of course and plumbing for a half bathroom and that’s it, right? Don’t have much building experience, but since having this house, I’ve been learning how to do things to save some money and I’m about to repair a wall (sheet rock broke and I’m going to do that). I wouldn’t be doing the electrical or the plumbing, besides that, how difficult is this? I live in San Francisco, CA (now you understand why I would like to tackle this, very $$$).

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