How do I put an AC filter into this? (Album in comments) : HomeImprovement

So I have a standard issue split AC system at the house we recently moved into. Now I’m trying to install an AC filter. The Air handler most definitely doesn’t have a spot for a filter in it, I even opened up the cabinet to replace a faulty stack switch and checked while I was in there.

There’s a main intake in the hallway on the other side of the house from the air handler (which is in the garage) which appears to be about 2’x2′ but has no spot for a filter. I tried “sticking one in there” and all it did was suck up into the intake although it was about exactly as large as the hole. The grate appears to have no spot for one.

There’s a 2nd intake in the master bedroom directly behind the air handler that’s very small. I’m sort of at a loss at how to install a filter here. Any tips or advice is appreciated! Thanks!


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