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Hi everyone,

My wife and I are under contract on a place built in 1927. We have the majority of the items under control / in process but are a bit stumped on a specific item.

There is (what appears to be) an original stained glass window on the stairwell upon entrance of the house. From the outside, the window well area collects water from rain.

How do we go about waterproofing this without having to remove the window and fill that?

Few points here:

  • The rubber roofing looks relatively new

  • There appears to be slight water damage from prior to the rubber roofing being done

  • No current drain can be found in that lower part currently filled with water (not sure why)

We were thinking about some sort of plexiglass enclosure around the entire piece (to avoid the many angles of the window itself) or trying to waterproof some sort of window well cover along the window. Definitely open to suggestions here.

Side note: This is in NJ so we do get all weather annually.

Pictures here:

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