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Right now I was working on replacing my floors & trim which has led to me finding what appears to have been a long term leak from my upstairs window.

I replaced the windows about 3 years ago so hopefully the leak itself has already been fixed?

Unfortunately I found massive water damage.

water damage

The cripple stud is completely rotted. The king stud next to it seems pretty rotten from the window edge down.. and worse the damage seems to extend down to the soleplate.. and beyond?

So the studs rest on the sole plates which seems to rest on my plywood flooring.. which then rests on ???. This section of the wall is actually cantilevered past the edge of the house so I don’t know how that differs from say a sole plate resting on a block/cement foundation. Far left upper window -from the outside

I imagine I can replace the cripple stud entirely. Cut out the damaged bit of the king stud to replace it and then sister it.

I could replace the sole plate but how far should/would I cut? Can I replace just that section or do I have to go further?

But what about the damage that goes even deeper?

Should I rip up my plywood flooring to see what’s under there?

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