How hard is it to relocate a circuit breaker panel? On a scale from ‘it can be done but you’ll pay for it’ to ‘better to just burn the house down and start again’ : HomeImprovement

This is our kitchen which we are making plans to renovate. The thorn in the side of all of the designs is this circuit breaker panel. We want to finish that side of the kitchen with cabinets, countertops, and add a range hood but the panel makes a mess of any design that we’ve come up with so far.

Photos of the breaker in question.

A few details; it’s a 200amp panel that only has room for 3 more circuits because of the suites in the basement. In front is the 240v outlet for the stove and behind is a broom closet/ panty space. The wall directly behind the stove contains the brick chimney with a gap between the wall and the bricks that is maybe 10-12”. The electrical service runs in conduit on the outside of the house toward the corner closest to the road where it’s run through the roof into a mast and out to the road. The house is 1951 construction, standard postwar suburban home in the PNW.

I know that this is not a quick job by any means. What I want to know is how bad it might be. Are we talking about $5k? $10k $50k more? I will most definitely be getting multiple quotes if we go down that road but I wanted to ask the good people of Reddit if it’s even worth thinking about. Thanks in advance for your help

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