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I have been in my house for a year and the front walkway has a slope issue so if it rains heavily water will pool up around the front of the foundation. I attached a link that has 4 pictures of what I am referring to. The pictures don’t have water pooled up but you will see where the slope would form a pool. Looking for suggestions on the best plan of attack to fix this issue. Was thinking about removing that half ass paver brick flowerbed and dumping dirt around the front and then packing it down to get more of a slope away from the foundation. Just trying to get some additional opinions on some potential landscaping/layout adjustments that would make it look better also. Was thinking about moving the stairs to come off the FRONT of the concrete stoop and then getting some pressure treated decorative log type pieces to run evenly with the front of the concrete block and make the front a flower/bush area and then re doing the walkway with pavers or something. Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated


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