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I recently bought a house and need to change the lock. Thinking it’s a good idea to get a reinforced strike plate at the same time as changing the lock, I bought this box strike plate from Amazon to go with the new Schlage BE365 electronic padlock. As shown in the pictures I’ve just taken, the new box strike plate package consists of a flat strike plate, the box strike plate and 4 2-inch screws. I’m a total newbie in home improvement so I have a few questions:

  • Is it worth it to upgrade from the current strike plate (shown in photos) to the new strike plate?

  • Why does the new one come with a flat strike plate and a box strike plate? Am I supposed to use them both and if so, in what way?

  • The current strike plate is a typical small Schlage strike plate as shown in the pictures. Am I supposed to chisel out more wood out of the door frame to install the new strike plate?

  • What if the box strike plate doesn’t fit completely into the current “deadbolt hole in the door frame/wall” (for lack of better words)?

  • Any tips/tricks/advice I should know about installing this new strike plate? I’m really scared of messing up the door frame and weakening the security of the door and lock from its current state.

Thanks all for any help!

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