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I have an older house with a natural gas-powered waterboiler (aka “hydronic”) furnace. I would like to take out 2 old wall mounted heaters in the garage to make room for other stuff. I managed to close the valve from the the boiler to the pipes that go through the heaters (first photo). Now no more hot water flows through the radiators in the garage.

Next I want to unscrew the bolts/drains at the bottom of the heaters’ copper pipes (2nd photo), and drain the water out, so I can remove the radiators & as much copper pipe as I can. Then cap off the pipes with sharkbites maybe, if they’re still exposed (some run behind drywall/ceiling panels in garage).

I assume I should open that top left spigot first to drain the excess water first?

Anything else I should do before opening up the bottom valves/stubs under the heaters?

I have no idea how this works. I’m worried I might drain my entire heating pipe water supply if I drain this pipe. I’m not sure if there is another return pipe that I should close as well, since it is all a circular system I assume. I don’t see another spigot/shut off valve, but the pipes do of course snake out of immediate view. Again, not 100% confident here, looking for advice 🙂


Rip-me-off story:

I decided to have a heating company inspect/tune up the furnace, having just moved in a year ago. First company says the furnace needs a tune up, but then detects CO2 leakage inside the furnace and says the gaskets are disintegrated, or something, and so legally can’t tune it up. Shows me his CO2 detector with a very high reading (forgot exact number). They have another person come out and quote me a new furnace system for around $10,000.

I get a second opinion, so a retired HVAC guy comes out, does a few small tune ups and stuff ($200), and says this furnace is fine. No detectable CO2 leak. I did afterwords buy a CO2 detector. I check around the basement where the furnace is every once in awhile. Reading: 0.

Lesson: Always get at least a second opinion. There’s dishonest companies out there.

Update per reddit warning: I didn’t get a third quote, since the second guy negated need for anymore quotes.

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