How to remove this from the concrete garage, not even sure what kinds of screws these are? : HomeImprovement

Previous homeowner left this annoying motorcycle lock attached to the concrete, right where I need to place a squat rack and lifting platform. The head is completely flat and round, so I’m not even sure how to go about removing it. I mean, makes sense, harder for thieves to remove… but annoying that it wasn’t removed by the previous owners.

Then there’s these concrete screws. 4 shown in picutre – there’s another group of 4 a few feet away. Previously, they housed two pairs of metal guard posts (I believe the official term is parking bollard). I have no idea why they would be needed in a 2 car garage – so you don’t drive drunk into your own AC/heater? Either way, I unscrewed the nuts and removed the posts/bollards. Now I’m left with these sharp screws poking out of the ground. Safety hazard aside, preventing us from using the space to store stuff, and also for lifting platform.

Never owned or operated any power saw of any kind. Do I need to hire a professional to remove these? And how the hell do I remove the motorcycle lock?

Yes, I’ve looked up the moto lock website, they literally say “pulling it out of the concrete floor is virtually impossible when properly installed with anchor bolts or the advanced chemical resin capsules. When installed correctly into solid concrete, resin achieves a much stronger bond with concrete than mechanical solutions.” Theres no instructions for removal, just permanent installation.

So basically am I out of luck without demolishing the entire concrete base? Should this have been a disclosure when selling the house? Pretty annoying because some total 32 sq. ft (4×8 area) is taken up by this lock, and 8 concrete bolts from the bollards

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