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Recently moved into a new apartment and removed a bit of black electrical tape on a windowpane in the spare room to find a tiny hole in the glass. The unit was built in the 50s and the windows are single-pane and made of cylinder sheet glass. The landlord is very lazy and I’m assuming put the tape there to “fix” it (we’ve found that his “fixes” are equal parts funny and disturbing).

The hole is ~ 2mm, so not massive but just big enough to be noticeable. We’re in the process of converting the spare room into an office and I’d like to patch it up in a better way than the electrical tape. I did some research and found that clear nail polish layers is a common solution. Have any of you tried it before and found it successful? Do you have other suggestions?

Photo of hole

From inside

From outside

Also, the exterior trim paint is lead paint, so any suggestions that do not involve removing the window or disturbing the paint would be appreciated!

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