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I have a room in my house that used to be a roof covered patio between the garage and the house. At some point a previous owner decided to turn it into a 3 seasons room. The room was a fairly large mess as the windows leaked during the rain and the door didn’t actually close.

I decided to get someone to replace the windows and door. However, after removing the existing door, i was told my new door wasn’t ready yet (hence the tarp in the pictures). The kneewall, without the door frame, rocks noticeably if anyone pushes on it. I am unsure if having the door inplace helps secure it at all.

Is there any recommendations on how to make this more stable/secure? The window installers suggested removing the paneling and putting an L bracket on the frame and floor. A friend suggesting boring a hole through the wall into the concrete below and using a rebar with epoxy, and given i just had the windows installed i hope i can shy away from this suggestion

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