I can’t seem to figure out a good way to go about repairing this concrete porch. The underside is starting to collapse : HomeImprovement


The porch is concrete and rebar. The rebar started to expand and rust from moisture, which caused the underside of the porch to start coming down. On the top you can see where I put down caulk to try and slow the water coming through some cracks. I even sealed it and it still manages to come through, not as much though.

I’ve had a hard time finding concrete guys who do more than just driveways and patios. And I’m worried if I resurface to concrete, it’s just going to crack on me.

Does anyone here have thoughts on fixing concrete porches. They’re everywhere in my city, I just havent been able to find anyone able to work on it.

Also I’m open to repairing myself if that’s even possible

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