I have a weird one for you guys… The hvac guys drilled through my attic vent to run my furnace exhaust and now I’m bailing water : HomeImprovement

So I’m fairly confident in what the answer to this question is (call roofer, have it redone, send the invoice to the hvac guys) but what do you all make of this . The installers of my new hvac ran a pvc exhaust from my new furnace up and through my attic vent. I’m fairly confident I would never have really known or cared except they didn’t flash the penetration, put an elbow or cap on the exhaust, or glue the first 90 (although they glued the rest).

It does appear that the rain water would drain out through the condensation drain if there was a downslope but to be safe I’ve drilled a pinhole in the 90 to drain into a bucket.

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