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I’m reasonably handy, but don’t really know much about roof construction.

My garage has a large attic – about 20′ wide by 40′ long. Construction is all 2×4, with the joists (bottom chords, I think they call them here?) at 24″ OC. Construction is like an inverted W so that in the centre (about 10′ from the sides) the horizontal span is intersected by a vertical to the roof line and a pair of diagonals, all fixed together with nailing plates. See images in this album, I’m assuming that this is all very normal construction:


My questions are these:

  • Can I put ply or similar across multiple joists/chord and store a variety of things up here? If so, do I need to only store not very heavy things?

  • I presume that my weight moving around up there is of no concern and that it’s designed to comfortably hold a regular sized human being? (On ply or 2x6s or whatever I’ve got lying around.)

  • The guy who had the house before me used the garage as a gym and as you can see in the last picture, had affixed a shackle to the ceiling which I think was used to suspend a bag. I would like to use this shackle to mount a pulley, with which I can hoist and suspend the hardtop from my Jeep Wrangler (about 140lbs). Obviously I need to check how this shackle is mounted but assuming it’s some form of U-bolt going over the top of the 2×4, is this an OK thing to do or a stupid thing that I shouldn’t do?


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