I know we need a retention wall, but I’m not sure where to start : HomeImprovement

Yard https://imgur.com/a/KcFGun7

Hopefully pics come thru, I’m not super reddit savvy. Apologies for any formatting snafus, I’m on mobile.

Anyway, even without pics, I can explain. We bought this house, it’s built into a hill. It slopes from the front of the house, to the back. Difference between street level and back of property line is about 1, maybe 1and half stories. Even the driveway looks a little bit like that meme, tho ours is manageable.

So, on 2 sides of the yard, it is city property, a retention pond and basically a drainage creek. And the sides of our yard have been filled in (mostly) to the property lines, with about 2-3 foot slope down all around. But they didn’t put anything to hold it back along the property line, so it’s just gonna slip away over time. Also, ideally we’d like to put a fence along also, but it’s gotta be stable enough for the posts first.

Questions – where do I start? Who do I contact? I know I have to hire someone and probably get some kind of permit, but who do I hire? Do I apply for the permits or does the person I hire do it? What is cost effective but will also be quality work? Quality is more important than cost, but I also don’t want to get fleeced because I don’t know what I’m doing.

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