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I recently made a feature wall in our bedroom that basically looks like all those other feature walls you can find on the internet.

Album is here: https://imgur.com/a/FxGQiPi

Process: So we had an boring bedroom wall that was itching for something to give it life. I decided to do one of those feature walls that are all over the internet.

I started out by mapping the design using painters tape and pencil. I used a level and corner square with 45 degree angle to make sure everything was straight. I would have used 30/60 degree angles if I had something to measure them easily, but I didn’t, and also I figured having two types of angles was risking mistakes down the line when cutting. The tape was a little thinner than the trim pieces I would eventually use but I figured it would give me a close enough and help with thinking about the design. I also knew that I wanted to go with a dark teal, but finding the right shade was a challenge, I sampled 7 colors before I picked one and I was really uncertain all the way to the end if I had made the right choice. I also picked out these articulating lights online that had the switch built into the light. I a) wanted to be able to have light directly over me for reading in bed and b) wanted to be able to cover the switches with a giant headboard or side tables and still be able to turn the lights on and off. The lights were about $200 each.

A design choice to make at this stage is if you are going to do the whole wall framed with some trim (like a big box around the whole design) or just have it end at each wall. I chose to not have trim framing everything because I liked the look more when the color and trim met the other walls.

I then purchased a box of 15 1×2 8ft primed solid wood trim for about $150. People online doing similar projects used mdf as well, spouse was worried about mdf off-gassing or something in the bedroom, it’s all the same to me really and I could get the box of 15 delivered for free. We then measured each piece individually against lines I marked starting with the longest and working our way basically outward, using a drop-saw for the cuts. We used a brad-nailer and 2″ brad nails to secure everything to the wall. Some people also do glue, I probably could have done that but I’m lazy.

I then used some filler (like $5 for a tub) to even up all the edges and and make sure there was no gaps between everything, you could also use caulk. Gave it all a sand and then painted twice ($40 for the paint and maybe $50 in painting supplies). Tada!

Next steps will be to paint the rest of the room a cold white, update all the trim to a cold gloss white (everything is warm white currently, I dislike warm white, not judging anyone else). We are also looking to replace the carpet and have our eyes set on something hickory. Then we will probably get around to buying furniture and curtains – yes we used this bedroom throughout and live our lives just in the mess! Total project cost was ~$600 and I completed it on weekends here and there over about 3 months. You could very obviously do this in a single weekend if you were organized, but I am not.

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