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After flushing my water heater tank and finding a ton of limescale, I figured my heating elements were in bad shape too. The heating elements can become covered in limescale, which acts as an insulator and makes your water heater have to work harder. Or they can turn into something that looks like a Spongebob Nasty Patty like mine did. I decided to replace them with low-density elements. Your tank mostly likely came with high-density elements. As you can see in my picture, the elements in my tank were a simple U shape. The low-density elements I replaced them with are still in a U shape, but are bent in another U shape. This means they have more surface area, and do not have to get as hot to heat the water. The hotter the elements get, the faster they corrode, so these will last you much longer. Your tank will have a label on it for the wattage and voltage of each element. You can buy these at most any hardware store.

  1. Turn off your water heater and cold water supply

  2. Open hot water faucet inside, open pressure relief valve and drain your tank.

  3. Remove the 2 covers to expose the thermostats and elements.

  4. Remove the wires and note where they went

  5. Use your valve wrench to remove the elements and screw in the new ones.

  6. Reconnect wires, reinstall covers, close pressure relief valve, turn on water supply and then your water heater.


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