I somehow "stained" coffee into a granite countertop, looking for tips on how to get it out

Hello wise dads and moms of /r/homeimprovement, I'm a very non-handy homeowner who made a very silly mistake. Basically, our coffee maker is dying and was leaking out the bottom – but we don't move it, so we didn't notice until now that some coffee seems to have soaked into the granite. The granite itself is relatively porous; example here– that's where some water spilled, but it dries and goes away very quickly. This coffee stain, unfortunately, seems to be deeper than that and I'm not quite sure how to get it out. I've tried scrubbing it with clorox wipes, which got some of it out, but it's definitely soaked in there (or seems like it is).

Any tips, or did I destroy my counter?

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