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TL;DR Hit an inactive septic line in the backyard while digging out a tree for transplanting. There’s deep standing water in the hole. How do I fix this? Located in the mid west, house was built in 1946. The pipe looks kind of like the Orangeburg pipe.

Pics: http://imgur.com/gallery/Z9cle7o

My mom was very insistent I transplant a Weeping japanese maple for her. Fully grown these trees usually have roots around three feet deep. Well I’ve been digging fir a day and a half now with about a four feet deep trench when I hit what felt like a hollow concrete object. The shovel went through and it seems to be the old septic line.

Their house was built in 1946, when dad bought it in the late 70’s- early 80’s the septic was no longer in use and either capped off or possibly disposed of. There was a wide and shallow divot in the ground where the tank used to reside. It was filled in a couple times over the years before it finally settled at ground level.

Fast forward to day two of me digging to the Earth’s core and bam I hit the old septic line. The standing water you see in the pictures is around 2 1/2 ft deep. The old divot was located under the pile of dirt in front of the hole. I’m wondering how to properly fix this issue. Can I just fill it in and be on my way or does this require a visit from an excavation company. Money is tight these days however I don’t want a collapse in the backyard or standing water so close to the house that it possibly damages the foundation over time. As it stands whenever it rains water seeps in the basement . That might be a separate or related issue that needs addressing as well.

I’m a bit worries about continuing to dog out the tree as the ground where the septic line runs into the yard near the hole has some bounce to it for lack of better words. All I wanted was to transplant this damn tree before mother’s day and now it seems my workload just got much bigger and more complicated lol.

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