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I am extending my patio by laying pavers on the patio and on the ground around it. I compacted the dirt and then it rained. I covered it up with tarp and plastic but i think it still got wet. I already laid out the sand and now that i’m laying pavers i’m finding some dips so it’s not perfectly even.

Did I screw up by not compacting again after it rained? Is there any fixing it now that the sand is laid?

If it matters i’m doing the brock paver base tiles; excavated and leveled dirt, compacted dirt, laid about 1” sand to be level with patio, laid brock paver base, laid pavers.

Edit: I live in northwest Florida. I see a lot of recommendations about gravel. The Brock Base that I am using is foam boards that go under the paver and on top of the sand. It says gravel is unnecessary.

Edit: Uploaded picture for better idea on the project. It’s hard to tell the unevenness of pavers in a pic, far back has a high spot and then middle area but slightly to the left has a low spot Patio Pictures

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