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I’ve had some settling of my house and garage due to poor drainage near the foundation (see attached pic). I’m about to undertake the big task of improving the grading around my house, however, I’m struggling to come up with a plan for where to redirect the water. I have neighbors on both sides of me and I don’t really want to have the water run off from my yard into theirs. I considered a french drain but in order for it to work, the yard has to be minimum 9 inches above the sidewalk level to have proper pitch. And that’s just for the french drain trench – the surrounding yard will need to be higher still to direct the water to the drain. I can’t really measure it right now because of all the snow, but I have doubts that the yard level is that far above sidewalk level to where the french drain can drain to.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Would it be terrible to direct the water to a pool in between the house and garage (as drawn in purple in the 2nd pic)? Eventually I will build a deck there, so I don’t mind if there’s sitting water in the yard underneath the deck, as long as that sitting water is not near my foundations. Is there harm in having standing water ~9 feet from the foundation? The standing water is never bad – we’re in Colorado where the water dries quickly after the rare rainstorm, so it never sits there for long.


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