[Input Requested] Sidewalk Channel Drain Project : HomeImprovement

• NDS 2” Diameter Channel Drain Kit @ 12 foot long w/ 1.5” inch outlets

• River Pebbles

• Landscaping Fabric

• 5 Gallon Bucket drilled w/ ¼ holes all over

Pics : https://imgur.com/a/MncKERT

  • Novice handyman inherited property w/ 12.5 foot sidewalk & problematic flooding during moderate-heavy rain. I’ve trenched the lower side @ about 3 ″ wide & 5 ″ deep. Slow fall runs right to left as attached picture is orientated. Drain will be placed on varying levels of river pebble to facilitate fall/flow packed in w/ clayish textured soil(excavated from close to water table). Dry well/catch basin approximately 14″Width x 18″ Length x 29″ Depth. 5-6 inches from drain’s outlet cap. The 5 inches @ system beginning not covered by drain will be elevated to ease flow w/ pebbles until channel/drain entry.

  • I plan to place the drilled 5 gallon bucket half-filled w/ pebbles, wrapped in landscaping fabric on a 5-7 inch bed of pebbles in dry well connected to drain outlet via 1.5” corrugated/flex pipe/hose inserted into the 1.5 hole sawed bucket lid. Refill w/ trenching soil.

  • Is there an easier or more efficient way, maybe just line the dry well w/ landscape fabric & pebbles,no bucket,fold thoroughly & refill ?! Any other outlet to basin/dry well ideas as my flex-pipe quest has been futile locally ?!

  • All input’s welcome.

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