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Hey all, we are going to be installing LifeProof lvp all throughout the main level of our home. We already removed wood laminate and tile, and now we have a layer of 1/4 in plywood for half, and the rest is 3/16 in plywood with linoleum glued on top. We removed one piece of the 1/4 in to see the subfloor, and it looks like there was previously carpet installed so there are a lot of staples in the subfloor. Attached album shows some pictures of the staples.

We’re wondering if we should keep going down to the sub floor, or just install lvp over the linoleum and 1/4 in. If we go down to the subfloor do we need to remove all of the staples?

If we install over the linoleum, how do we handle some of the lips where the linoleum is coming up? Should we glue it down more and maybe use self leveling compound over the transition?

Any advice appreciated! We want to do this right as this will be our main living space for years to come.

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