Installed regular drywall instead of fire rated

We had a water leak above our front door. The original drywall is all 5/8″ with like a 1/16-1/8″ of skim coat on it. There’s 3 corners I had to fit 2 pieces into and they just wouldn’t fit with 5/8″. The existing was 5/8″. The wall had some flex to it, and I added some screws in the area I was working.

I eventually got fed up and just cut some test pieces to fit them into the edges and stuff to see where the problem really was. 5/8″ won’t fit between the stud and the drywall from the other wall. And 2 of the 2×4’s in the wall are not aligned. My 5/8″ patch actually sticks out of the wall about 3/16″. Even on the far left side where the existing wall is, that I didn’t touch. So the store was out of the fire rated 1/2″… I installed regular. Did I screw up pretty bad? Should I take it out and put in the X version. It’s around a window above our front door. Really no ignition sources up there.

In the photo, the 2 grey peices are the 1/2″ that fit finally. The roof piece is the mold resistant stuff.

I’m located in Illinois.

Edit: I had originally gone back to the store to buy the 1/2″ mold resistant drywall, but someone in the last day bought the whole…fucking..pile.. There were over 100 sheets of it there on Thursday.

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