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I recently came to learn that my existing gas water heater is not only using an excessive amount of gas, but also probably going toward the end of it’s life at 9 years old and so I explored the idea of replacing my existing water heater with a heat pump water heater/hybrid water heater.

It turns out, after all rebates and incentives from my energy company and a tax rebate + employee discount from a friend connected to the manufacturer I would potentially only have to pay installation costs and the water heater would be free. Nice deal on paper, but I still have quite a few questions that I was hoping to get answers for from r/HomeImprovement.

The space I’m trying to get the new water heater in would be my garage. The garage is a standard 2 car garage in norther GA. For the 3 months that are “officially” winter months, the garage will be around ~50-60F, while the rest of the year the garage will be anywhere from 70F to 110F+.

Checking the requirements on the XE50T10H45U0 (Rheem 50 Gal HPWH) that I’m currently looking at, it seems that the temperature would be suitable for the unit, allowing us to use the heat pump in the summer and the electric heating element in the winter if I’m not mistaken?

Other than that, the water heater would be sitting in the existing cutout (here’s an image: I’m thinking of cutting out the upper portion of that drywall leading up to the ceiling to give some more space for the heat pumpt and adding a NEMA 14-30 on the side to be able to connect the new water heater.

A condensation drain line should be easy to put in place since my laundry room with an existing drain line is just behind the cutout seen on the picture.

So I’m opening this up to hopefully get some feedback on this idea?!

  • Is there anything I’m missing that others with experience installing a heat pump water heater would like to add?

  • Obviously the cutout isn’t great for a heat pump in terms of air circulation, given it’s a large space though, I wonder if that’s still feasible?

  • Noise Level: I read different things about the noise level etc. Given that the rating is a 49dBa and there’s an existing 4″ duct outlet – should I expect to have noise issues? Given that my dryer is just one room further in and should be louder, I don’t expect there to be a huge issue, but happy to hear otherwise

Looking forward to all the comments! Thanks

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