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We are in the process of getting a new dishwasher (completely new, the house doesn’t have one). We’ve taken the cabinet out, got an electrician to do what was needed etc. The dishwasher will arrive in a little over a week and now I am trying to figure out the flooring. There’s currently the subfloor where the cabinet was, so I was planning to just add more of the laminate flooring that the rest of the kitchen has (installed by the previous owner, and we have extra from that) but it has an underlayment and I don’t have any extra of that. The best I can measure it is 3.2mm thick. (flooring is .28inch thick according to the box, floor+underlayment is 13/32in but it’s hard to measure). I’m having a hard time finding underlayment that is 3.2mm thick and I would also prefer to not spend $70+ on a huge roll for only 4.5sq feet that is needed, but will if that is truly the best option. This is the only thing I’ve found but I don’t think that is what is currently under there. Lowes has this 3mm one so it’d be the next closest.

Is getting a piece of plywood or something similar with a close thickness be an option to just put on top of the subfloor? Would I need to do anything for the gap that would be between that wood and the flooring (so the dishwasher can easily slide in/out).

Would a flooring contractor be worth contacting, maybe they can sell me just the amount of underlayment I need or they might have a little left over from another project?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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