Installing new dryer and dryer vent doesn’t seem to match the size of the exhaust vent cover : HomeImprovement

Bought a house recently and had someone install a new washer and dryer. The previous owner had, at some point, a washer and dryer hooked up. However, since it had not been a while (atleast a year) I needed a professional to check it all out. They hooked it all up, 4″ tubing with the dryer. The previous owner had covered the exterior end of the vent with tape, instead of a cover, which I assumed I could replace myself. However, when I took the tape off and tried to put the 4″ vent cover in place, it did not fit. It instead feels like the end opening may only be 3.5″ wide. I have attached a picture of the opening- is there an adaptor? Would that even be safe? is it normal for the size to be just smaller than 4 inches? (note the entire venting is not 4″ and I am aware that anything smaller than 4″ is dangerous)

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