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For the problem, skip passed backstory.

Back Story
So, Woot had a fairly nice sprinkler timer with all kinds of bells and whistles. My current sprinkler timer has been broken since I bought the house. The door was ripped off and it has been exposed to the elements for years. It needed to be replaced.

So when woot was selling a Rachio Gen2 for $89.99 I decided to snag it. My water company will reimburse me for up to $125 so, you know, good deal right?

So all the fun crud arrived today and I decided to get into it.

The Problem.
The last sprinkler system had nearly zero slack in the line, I was able to get nearly everything else hooked up except for the stupid zones themselves.

Here is a diagram of the issue

As you can see my stupid wires are about an inch-ish too short. What would be the best way to extend these wires? There’s literally no slack and the pipe that these come out of is butted up against the enclosure so there’s literally zero slack to work with.

I have an idea, which requires soldering some wires to the end of it but maybe there’s a better solution? My soldering iron is currently in China so :/

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