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Hi guys! This is my first post on this sub and I am hoping this is the right place to go.

I am moving in about a month out of the city (hurray!) and there is a decent sized detached garage / workshop on the new property (in central VA) that I am looking to finish.

I have attached a link to the rough dimensions of the building (some of the dimensions were extrapolated from photos):

Right now the interior walls are exposed framing and the back of the sheathing under the siding. There is no insulation at all in the building, but there is electricity and there is water right outside.

Here are my plans for the spaces:


Insulate and put up plywood or OSB walls for ease of hanging tools, etc. This space would be a woodworking / machining shop.


Completely finish the upstairs space and turn it into my home office w/engineered hardwood floors and drywall walls.

I am pretty comfortable with most of the work that I’ll be doing, but one area where I am really lacking knowledge is about insulation and heating and cooling. So, after all that background, my questions are this:

  1. Insulation: Is there a clear choice for the best insulation for a job like this? How will I handle the large garage door?

  2. HVAC: I was hoping to go with a simple minisplit – what size system should I be looking at or is it even reasonable to expect a mini split to be able to handle this interior volume? If not, what am I looking at for other options?

I appreciate everyone’s time and thanks in advance for any replies!

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