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I’ve been in my house for several months now and have added a decent amount of landscaping. As the hot Florida summer approaches, I’m getting concerned about my city water usage. Our sewage charges are quite high, so it ends up being expensive to use water for plants, grass, etc.

There is a well on the property and I believe the previous owners cut it out at some point prior to selling the house. I dropped my tape measure in (30 ft) and a significant portion of the tape came up wet, with clean looking water.

Is it wild to think that I could DIY installing a pump? There are existing hose bibs throughout the yard that I’d connect for now until installing underground sprinklers makes sense.

I’d guess a pump is $3-400 and another $1-200 for pipes, fittings, etc. – I haven’t called any irrigation companies yet, but I’m guessing it’d easily be more than that.

Pictures of the well pipe and other connections

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