Is it okay to pour a concrete slab around a 2X4 that’s enclosed in an aluminum track? : HomeImprovement

Long story short, we had hired a team to remove our concrete slab because it had pyrite. The morons went ahead and took down a load bearing wall that was connected to the staircase. I’ve had a structural engineer come in and assess the situation. He also wrote up the plans on how to fix it. All this has to get done before the concrete gets poured. See pictures for details.

My question is the following. The engineer is saying that he will rebuild the load bearing wall with their appropriate studs. Those studs will rest in an aluminum track of 1.5 inches high and the concrete will then be poured in and around that track, encompassing the stud.

Does that sound right? I always thought you never submerge wood in concrete. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Before slab was removed but after the studs on the staircase were cut:

After slab was removed:

Temporary jacks and aluminum tracks that will house the studs:

Thank you

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