Is it possible to change these ceiling lights without ripping open this fabric? : HomeImprovement

I recently moved into this home, which has a nicely remodeled bathroom. The ceiling is covered edge-to-edge with a backlit rubber fabric. Something like this it would appear – except not a pre-sized tile, but flush with the walls. Unfortunately, a light just went out up there (it seems like it’s edge lit with florescent lights).

I have absolutely no clue how to open this thing up. The “decoustics” product I linked shows a tool that contractors can get – but I’m not sure that’s what’s needed in this case. Here are some pictures:

There’s less than a cm of aluminum framing around the stretched rubber fabric – but I see no screws or cogs or any access method. Next approach is a crowbar and maybe pry it open, but wanted to see if anyone else knew what to do here.

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