Is it possible to extend the front of the garage ? : HomeImprovement

Here’s my floor plan –

I have a very small utility room that houses my washer and dryer as well as being the main entry we use as we park our cars in the garage. As expected, it is very tight and a major problem for us. The garage itself is small (about 19.5×19.5)

I want to explore if we can extend the front of the garage by a 7 ft, which should allow us to have 2 feet more in the garage as well as have a separate mud-room as well as a dedicated laundry room.

I have been trying to look at youtube to understand if this is a super expensive project or a doable one, but could not find sufficient information.

I am primarily looking for advice on if this is something that I should pursue or if this is not really worth it and any other items I should be aware of.

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