Is my fence good enough to re-stain? Or do I need to keep trying for a more consistent look before staining? : HomeImprovement

Hello HomeImprovement. This is my first time ever attempting to restore a fence. My Puget Sound fence is eight years old and was looking rather green and moss covered. After watching a bunch of YouTube videos, I jumped into the adventure! My first few panels I sprayed with 30 second cleaner then hand-scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed with a soft bristle brush. After realizing that was going to take me days to do the entire fence, I switched to 30 second cleaner then a power wash.

So… it turns out that I am terrible at power washing. My first time left the fence looking splotchy.

Is it good enough to restrain? Will the stain color even it out? Or do I need to start over and hand-scrub on the panels I power washed? Is there a different technique that won’t require so much labor?

After four hours of a mixture of the two techniques, I am 1/5th done cleaning the fence and am feeling overwhelmed.

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